Meet the New Chuck. Same as the Old Chuck?

Chuck This

Nope, this isn’t about season 3.  Except that it is.  This is about the last time we saw a new Chuck.  I hate to say it, but Chuck doesn’t really change or evolve much in the first season.  Season 1 seems to be more about Chuck uncovering different aspects of the spy world and how that affects him.  As I mentioned in part 1 he learns a lot about sacrificing for some larger purpose, about the need to hurt people he loves to save them from danger, and about trust and how it can be a job requirement or a one way street.  I think these lessons all come together in the last episode with the phrase “Say what you’re not saying.”  He is ready for the truth and wants to face his future as a spy, albeit an unwilling one.  Later when he finally realizes Sarah has real feelings…

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